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November 04, 2006

I Feel Cheated!

I spent over 27 hours of the last three days in the sky! Working! I'm at about 2500 words when I should be over 5000.

I still don't have a plot, which I've heard is no problem.

Running off to catch up now!


Blogger secretdubai said...

You'll catch up! It's easier for me, having an already started novel, because my plot is written out step by step (though I still have quite a bit to develop and work out the timing for ).

04 November, 2006 05:55

Blogger BD said...

Try a different approach. I suspect you do a lot of revision as you go. Force yourself to leave a paragraph behind once you've written. Perhaps limit yourself to no more than two revisions of a paragraph once written.

04 November, 2006 10:14


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