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October 30, 2006

Welcome to UAE NaNoWriMo

Welcome to everyone in the UAE, or formerly in the UAE, or other associates who are planning to tackle NaNoWriMo 2006, or National Novel Writing Month.

The aim is to write a 50,000-word novel from scratch in the thirty days of November. You can have come up with the synopsis etc beforehand, but you can't enter any previously-written prose. These are the rules if you want to be in line for an official NaNoWriMo certificate.

We are also encouraging people to enter in an "honorary" sense. This includes people that are already half-way through writing a novel, or that can't commit to 50,000 words but would like to write a shorter novella.

If you would like a member invitation here, please comment below.


Blogger snow white said...

thanks SD for setting this up ... I'm still on the fence but will definitely offer support! mainly undecided because I can't think of a plot outline that doesn't seem horrendously naff!

30 October, 2006 21:41

Blogger click_310 said...

Damm it I read Nanowrimo UAE blog has been created for anyone in the UAE, formerly in the UAE, or UAE people's friends

And was getting ready to bitch about segregating me and Lirun ,( & those other un-wanteds'):D

Apparently its for the 50k word contest :p

So SD when can we see *exclusive* sneak previews of your entry ?

30 October, 2006 22:03

Blogger Susie Dee said...

I don't have a plot, but I absolutely AM going to give it a shot! Last year I failed terribly, but I will apply the lessons I learned to this year's attempt. I CAN DO THIS!

My man is doing it, too. =) Only 26 hours to go!

30 October, 2006 22:07

Blogger secretdubai said...

I need emails from you both to send invites!

30 October, 2006 22:11

Blogger secretdubai said...

Not sure I dare to post any of mine. Also I'm an "honorary" entrant, because I'm already 10k into my turgid lame piece of shite set in the sandlands.

One chapter starts:

While the fat sheikh hammered into her in the Arabian way (an extra hundred dollars), Rasha's mind was a thousand miles away. She uttered regular automatic small moans and cries of "habibi" "so big!" while she planned her social calendar for the coming weekend

30 October, 2006 22:17

Blogger Susie Dee said...

chlorph at asvattha dot com =) I'll finish the one I started last year... someday. But not this November. This year's will undoubtedly be nominated for some kind of Man Booker prize or something.

30 October, 2006 23:21

Blogger Susie Dee said...

Oh, and my man's email is "antivert" at the same domain. =)

30 October, 2006 23:33

Blogger Der Octalmaschine said...

Can I join? I'll be writing from Dubai, RAK, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq mostly.

31 October, 2006 00:28

Blogger secretdubai said...

You are very welcome, but I need an email address to be able to invite you.

31 October, 2006 00:48

Blogger Der Octalmaschine said...

ryan at venona/com

31 October, 2006 01:06

Blogger Keefieboy said...

Somebody gimme a plot and some characters and I'll do it!

31 October, 2006 10:10

Blogger Moona said...

im writing a book inshallah i'll finish it in november, can i join the competition?

31 October, 2006 14:09

Blogger Aro said...

I'm in ! send over that invite will ya..

31 October, 2006 23:41


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