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November 06, 2006

The first bit

It's started to flow thanks to an inspirational experience yesterday morning. I've done about 2000, pathetic I know, but I can catch up when the spirit takes me. Here's a taster:

The red Jeep drove forty kilometers before pulling off the highway onto a sand-track. It was 2am and the sky was a black blanket studded with stars. A beautiful night indeed, the kind of night you only find out in the desert.

Passing a small camel holding, the Jeep slowly moved on, deeper into the dunes until it came to a sudden halt. A farmer, who had awoken to the sound of the vehicle, came out of his hut to see what was going on. As he looked into the distance, he saw the Jeep’s headlights dim and extinguish.

He hawked up some spit and returned to bed in preparation for an early start at sunrise.

Three hours later, as the sun rose and the air filled with distant prayer calls, the Jeep was nowhere to be seen. Not even tire tracks were left in the sand, a wind had covered them moments earlier.


Blogger secretdubai said...

Oh yay! It already reads exactly like the kind of book I would read. Can't wait for plenty of sex, death and terror and illicit rustling in the palm trees ;)

06 November, 2006 20:51


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