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November 04, 2006

Day 3 - 2024

So that's 6049 in total. Still on target, though tonight was a real struggle, I'm just dying to go to sleep. Can't post a snippet from the stuff I wrote on today's scene, because it's all a bit x-rated, but here is a snipped from earlier in the scene that I wrote some months ago:

"Rasha worked in PR by day and as a high class hooker by night. Not in a million years would she ever have viewed herself as a prostitute. She was a party girl who enjoyed appropriate presents and gifts for the extra entertainment she offered. Monetary gifts being by far the most convenient, though jewellery could always be sold in the gold souq."


Blogger BD said...

Sounds saucy.

To think you got 6000 words in three days when in 1 1/2 years you got only 10,000. Sure, a lot may have to be re-written, but it still shows that a time/productivity goal has its merits.

04 November, 2006 10:11


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