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November 02, 2006

End of first day: 2021 done!

Here's a snippet, featuring gossipy neighbour Beverley:

"I'll be off now, Shamsil will be back with my ciggies. Ta-ra and nice to meet you," she told Phoebe. "Need any help with the natives, you just give me a call. Our Dave's well in with a couple of sheikhs. Worcester they call it, like the sauce. Makes all the difference here."


Blogger antihcl said...

Good job!

02 November, 2006 04:21

Blogger marwan said...

Don't quit the day job.


02 November, 2006 07:07

Blogger snow white said...

Bev reminds me of someone ....

02 November, 2006 14:50


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