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November 01, 2006

So slow!

I've only done 1024 words so far today, and it's killing me. As mentioned before, I'm working on a previously started novel that I'm already 10,000 words into. Or 11,000 now (yay!)

This is a snippet from some stuff I wrote earlier. No prizes for guessing what publications it refers to:

"Nick wrote for the Gulf Gazette, a newspaper whose main distinction was being marginally less ill-written and slightly less uninteresting than its bitter rival, the stalwart Trucial States Tribune. The Tribune, as famed for its illiteracy as its misplaced grandiloquence, regarded itself as the elder statesman of the UAE press, but was viewed by its younger, brasher tabloid cousin as a senile old fool."


Blogger azucenamaryam said...

Hey did you know that the 10th graders at The School of Creative Science in Sharjah are doing Nanowrimo? I will tell them about the blog

02 November, 2006 02:09

Blogger secretdubai said...

Great! I hope that some of our writings won't be a bit adult for them, I will have to take care any excerpts I paste here!

(My novel isn't too rude, but there are a couple of rather vulgar and dodgy characters in it, including a "lady of the night" for want of a better term. But she gets murdered quite early on).

02 November, 2006 04:04


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