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November 02, 2006

What's your tagline?

To give one another an idea of what we're writing (and perhaps to clarify it for ourselves) what's the tagline for your book? Not the title - because that may change, or you may not have chosen one yet, or it may not be particularly descriptive - but the slogan that will accompany it. Here's mine:

"Intrigue, adventure, sex and terror in the United Arab Emirates."

It's all downhill from there, but at least that *sounds* exciting ;)

It will be interesting to see if and how people's taglines change as we progress with our future Nobel Literature Prize-winning novels.


Blogger antihcl said...

eek! I couldn't dream of coming up with this yet, as I'd be afraid it'd interfere with the carving out of my story. I really have absolutely no idea where this thing is going! To fight against this, I periodically have my characters know what's coming so I don't have to. "She certainly knew what was coming next.. which is good because the author has no clue"

02 November, 2006 04:19

Blogger antihcl said...

Wait, I came up with one, but it's more like a movie trailer.

"We all run from something. In July 2008, it shall be Modhesh that chases. YOU. WILL. KNOW. FEAR!"

02 November, 2006 04:31


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