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November 21, 2006

Going for gold

Tonight 2107, total 40160. I've just realised that I'm past the 40k point, which means the home stretch is near. But I'm ages and ages away from finishing, there are so many gaps, and I still don't have a clue how it ends. Tonight the gold souq made an appearance:

The yellow glare of gold was overwhelming. It shone through the heat, the crowds, and the endless hawkers offering handbags and fake Rolexes at every turn. Susie had urged her to visit, so Phoebe had travelled there, this time by taxi which felt a bit of a cheat. But the night was steaming hot and she now felt unsafe wandering around too much by herself. Here she could blend in with the tourists.

It was impressive, but it was not inviting. The gold was of a bright yellow colour, its high carat value prized by Indians for weddings, but unattractive on her pale Northern European skin. She didn't have the budget or the love of gems to do any serious shopping, but she loved the overall ambience and buzz of the ancient trade.


Blogger snow white said...

*sob* ... while I am very pleased for you, I am still 4k words behind. Remember, though, the book doesn't have to be complete or perfect, it just has to be 50k words long (with margin for wordcount error).

21 November, 2006 13:40


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