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November 19, 2006

Into the dawn

Well I couldn't quite emulate snow white's glory, but I've written through the night (again, god I miss sleep) and managed 3,530 words. Total is now 35,910. My research is so bizarre, today I found myself Googling "railway enthusiast magazines". (The main one seems to be called "Railways Illustrated", if any of you are interested. I doubt you are. I'm not). Excerpt:

She looked back through the rack of glossy mags. Some of them appeared to nothing but social pages, there were entire magazines dedicated to nothing but photos of glamorous people at glamorous events. One was nearly the thickness of a coffeetable book, and entirely in Arabic. She went through two editions of it, but found nothing. She went through Hi! Dubai, Lady Dubai, Emirates Scene, UAE Glamour. The faces and places started to blur.

The Scottish Society fling, the Oil Baron's Ball, the Jordanian Association Ladies' tea, a charity fashion show, a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, some Indian socialite's birthday party, the British Business Group lunch, the Manx Club supper (how many Manx people could there be in Dubai, for god's sake?) and endless clubs and discos and dance parties of shiny, grinning faces and exposed flesh. Then finally, in a dog-eared copy of High Life Dubai, she stumbled across a set of photos from some perfume launch. There, among them, was the girl from the party, the dying girl in the alley, the dead girl in the morgue. A name, a surname, and a company.


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