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November 16, 2006

Broken the halfway barrier but too tired for a yaaay

Broke the 25,000 word barrier last night but I swear it has aged me 10 years at least. Due to a miscalculation on word count (why do you never get a pleasant surprise when that happens, like an extra 2,000 words surprise???) I had to write 3,000 words yesterday after work. I am finding I have to trick my mind and body by writing until I drop in the office after work, then driving home and hoping the 30 minute drive gives me a second wind.

I can barely remember what I wrote last night, and certainly have zero recollection of the last 200 words, but I think I made a seriously lame attempt at a seduction scene, which is on the tepid side of luke warm - no red-hot passion with my characters. Serves them right. So, an extract:

Marie was pretty grateful to Robbie for setting her up with Pieter. She had been in the country for eight months and hadn’t been on one serious date. She seemed to spend most of her time fending off the lecherous advances of some of the less savoury employees at the office, complete with leers and bottom-pinching. But she could barely face making conversation with most of her colleagues, let alone any more. Her mother was always going on about how she ought to get out and meet people and have some fun – though obviously not in a slutty “have some fun” kind of way – but she seemed to spend every waking hour in the office. She had no life, so there was no point trying to find someone to share it with.

She had never been the prettiest girl in her class and she was terribly self-effacing. She had no idea that her youthful enthusiasm and sweet nature were as appealing to men as her obvious lack of affectation. She was always blindsided when a man actually asked her out, and never quite believed he could be interested until her clothes were in a pile on the bedroom floor and they were
in flagrante, as her ageing grandmother would have said.

She had approached the IT department with confidence, knowing that she had a mission to make friends with Pieter, not the flustery feeling she got when she knew she fancied a man. After all, she had barely spoken to Pieter in her time at the company, other than the odd word of thanks here and there, as he calmly fixed her computer before she had the chance to throw it out of the window.


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