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November 16, 2006

Down But Not Out

Cheer up, Snow White, things could be worse. I'm at 15 thousand, 10 thousand shy, but I'm not despairing yet. I think I'm finally starting to make my way into the heart of the somewhat dry, economic digest of a story:
What is it that makes a truly charitable person? I suppose it takes becoming a bit of a Jesus Christ--willing ultimately to sacrifice it all. One gets into his head that some among his fellow human beings are being mistreated, and he resolves that this is wrong. He wants to make a stand; he wants to do something about it in his own small way. He has this great philanthropic drive, prodding him to do what is right.

Lurking in the shadows, however, is a voice that says,
You are a hypocrite. You act out of self-interest. When push comes to shove you will run. You are not ready to pay the price, and the only sacrifice you'll ever know is the one you chose not to make.
Dubai Marina (A Novel)


Blogger secretdubai said...

Cool! Tomorrow I'm going to take a big long read at your novel, but for now I have to sleep because I am nearing stroke territory.

16 November, 2006 04:36


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