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November 14, 2006

Mental constipation

I broke the 20,000 barrier yesterday and hit a brick wall. No ideas, no inspiration, no anything.

One thing that does worry me is my character's names. They are normal names so just seem so lame - any ideas? the most exciting I have are Marina and Tamara.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you to break that line!

Have you tried taking a walk? Listening to music? A long hot shower? Going to a public place to people watch? These always rally my brain.

You can always just force yourself (at pencil point of course).

14 November, 2006 21:17

Blogger secretdubai said...

Names need to be varied (not that I can speak, having Nick and Mark). If they sound too similar, readers get confused. To many exotic names is also a mistake. Compare:

(a) Mark Matt Nick John Tim

(b) Mark Rudolph Joe Sebastian Pierre


(a) Pam Jane Anne Mary Jean

(b) Marina Tamara Miranda Anastacia Gabriella

(c) Pam Marina Chloe Amber Vivienne

I think it's about breaking it up somehow, and making sure the names don't have similar "resonance" (which isn't necessarily about length or alliteration). Surnames are the biggest nightmare. My best recommendation is to rip them from characters in other books. Trying to "think of" them will get you a matching set of over-English surnames with too similar resonance.

14 November, 2006 21:35

Blogger snow white said...

so far, i haven't really done surnames. eeek

14 November, 2006 21:44

Blogger RomanceWriter said...

I like those names. I don't think they have to be one of a kind names to get the job done.

I feel the same as you. I have no clue what I will write for the next 30,000 words.


15 November, 2006 00:52


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