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November 10, 2006

The weekend is finally here

Sadly couldn't do 2k tonight, but will play catch up. 512, running total 16,777.

snow white managed twice as much as me - 1,000 - and is now on 14,155. She had to skip a previous day because of travelling. She also started revising her work, and deleted some of it.

Tonight's excerpt:

The Accountant walked along the street to his appointment, briefcase in hand. He was unremarkable in appearance: one of half a million Indian office workers in Dubai, with clipped dark hair and moustache, small-framed spectacles, and a neatly pressed shirt and tie. He was called the Accountant because he settled accounts. It was a source of some amusement to him that coincidentally he also worked as an accountant in his day job: a useful source of cover if not lucre.

His briefcase contained the tools of his trade. With every new commission he made a meticulous assessment of the most effective and efficient way to proceed with the project. He selected the appropriate apparatus and studied the rendezvous location ahead of time. He always arrived early to benefit from the element of surprise. The motive behind the projects was not the Accountant's concern, nor was their aftermath.

Today called for a one-metre length of piano wire. He arrived, waited, and proceeded. Then he returned to his car, a white Nissan Sunny, and drove back to his small bachelor apartment in Sharjah.


Blogger Susie Dee said...

Haha, the first page of mine features a Nissan Sunny, thanks to your Manic Sunday song. =)

11 November, 2006 02:17


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