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November 07, 2006

Dubai Marina continues...

Behind schedule at 8000 words, but confident I'll catch up! My novel has become thouroughly technical and reads more like an economic digest, I'm afraid. One of the few more casual sections of narration in the latest chapter, Arabian Forasol reads as follows:
Abdul Rahim wrote me excitedly with the news that the piling contract had been awarded, something I was already aware of. This was, nonetheless news, and good news, for MAG 218 investors. In the months that passed since I began my journey into the world of construction and property development, I came to appreciate that the good stories were not limited to announcements of new and taller towers, exercises in groundbreaking or the awarding of contracts; nor were the good storeis always about good things. I came to appreciate more the human face of the building process in, if not the largest, then certainly the tallest and most built-up marina in the world.


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