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November 11, 2006


Well, I suffered a disaster. Somehow the entire text disappeared from my novel writing software, and I could not retrieve it. Fortunately I had been making back ups, but the only night I didn't was the night before it vanished. That night I had only written 500 new words, and I was able to paste back the excerpt I posted on here, but there were still other tweaks in chapters that I no longer have, as well as a bit that I was really happy with that is now lost for good.

It took ages to put it all back together, and try to rewrite the missing bit (which is a total mess compared to what I remember of the original) and several hours trying to find and download file recovery software, which couldn't find a thing. So I only managed to do 748 new words, and I am extremely pissed off about it. Total is 17, 525.


Blogger snow white said...

That is truly rotten luck and I really sympathise :-(
You are still some way ahead of me. I have lost a couple of days and still on 14155.Hoping to claw back some words over the weekend.

11 November, 2006 16:55


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