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November 17, 2006

Into the thirties

No catch-up tonight, but at least I made my 2k. 2,039 to be precise, which brings the grand and glorious total to 30,065. The 30k milestone, if that is a milestone. The sad thing is I'm writing rubbish just to get the word count done, and I can already anticipate doing a savage edit even as I write it. Excerpt, some of the laziest, most cliched dross I've written yet. If I had the time and the energy, it would be so vastly improved, but for now it's just valuable for being x number of words of which I need every one:

She went up to the bar, a discreet distance away, but close enough to be able to catch his eye and make him aware of her. She was modestly dressed and covered compared to usual, but her clothes were figure-hugging. She had also had oiled her body with an expensive Arab scent that mingled with the natural aroma of her skin, seeping through her clothes in a way that she knew from long experience would intoxicate even the pious.

By her own inspiration she wore a poison ring on one glossily talonned hand, a silver creation from the souq with a hinged gem that allowed a pill to be stored beneath. She felt clever and powerful. Her confidence attracted him as much as her perfume and her beauty, and the coy smile she offered him through lowered eyelashes.


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