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November 29, 2006

do i get a prize for coming second?

I HAVE COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haven't had more than 4 hours sleep since Thursday, but I did it!

And, while bypassing one final loose end i wanted to tie up, I actually finished the story. Of course, will have to go back and do extensive rewrites, but who cares - for the next few hours, I will be smug.


Blogger Susie Dee said...

I would be smug, too! Way to go!

29 November, 2006 22:21

Blogger secretdubai said...

Ooo - what's the loose end?

29 November, 2006 22:26

Blogger snow white said...

the return of one of my villains: slightly changed and vowing to write his memoirs, which will be called Spiked .... see where I 'm going with this? little twist at the end since my horse's d'oeuvre is called Spiked....

30 November, 2006 01:42

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