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November 24, 2006

Why Barbara Cartland beats Shakespeare

Well there was me worrying about writing prose and wit more of the level of Enid Blyton than Graham Greene, and what do I find? She's the fifth most translated author ever:


1 Walt Disney Inc US
2 Agatha Christie UK
3 Jules Verne France
4 Vladimir Lenin Russia
5 Enid Blyton UK
6 Barbara Cartland UK
7 William Shakespeare UK
8 Danielle Steel US
9 Hans Christian Andersen Denmark
10 Stephen King US

The Bible comes in thirteenth place. If we discount Walt Disney (given he is not a novelist in the conventional sense, with predominantly retellings of other people's existing stories aimed at children) then that puts my all-time favourite author, Agatha Christie, in top place.

I wonder how many of us will be on that list in fifty years time?



Blogger Bellydancingmavis said...

Erm...L Rob Hubbard also claims to be high up on the list, scarily

24 November, 2006 23:09

Blogger snow white said...

Yes, and L Ron is definitely high up on the list of global icons ... if it's good / weird / expensive enough for Tom Cruise, then it's good enough for us.

25 November, 2006 02:22

Blogger Susie Dee said...

The aforementioned Nora Roberts is on there... I'll have to post an excerpt for you!

28 November, 2006 03:48

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