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November 22, 2006

Shaping up

Things are reallly starting to come together. I don't mean that the novel is any good, but the strands of the plot/mystery are starting to come together. There's quite a bit more work to do, because I need to weave another character story through the plot. I also have no clue how the denouement is going to take place, and I also need to go back and plant some clues so that the heroes can realise who master villain is just as he unmasks himself. "Of course! That's how you knew I had a button missing that day!" etc etc (not this obviously, but that kind of thing.

I will probably also use the good old Agatha Christie trick of; "She knew someone, somewhere had said something very important, but she couldn't remember what. She was missing something, it was buried deep in her memory. What was that critical detail she had forgotten? She had a feeling it was the key to the whole mystery." - blah blah - again not actually these words but this kind of device. So 2284 tonight, with the total at 42,444.

Can't post an excerpt as it was all rather filthy stuff tonight, as poor snow white will attest. (Although I've tamed it down a lot since then, it's not quite so gruesomely graphic and explicit!)


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